Why CloudFactory?

I asked myself the same question countless times before deciding to move with my family from New York to Nairobi. Let me start with one of our core beliefs: Talent is equally distributed across the globe, but Opportunity is not. I joined CloudFactory because we offer the best possible remedy to this difficult challenge: Meaningful Work. We’ve already connected thousands to good jobs, but we’re just getting started. Our goal is connect 1 million people to the digital economy.

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There are many companies offering ‘online work’. However, there are few that provide the chance to power some of the largest and most exciting technology companies in the world. As a part-time worker you’ll learn and earn alongside a first-class team. If you love working with CloudFactory there is also the potential to grow into a full-time role that suits your strengths and preferences.

East African innovators are on the move, and Kenya is leading the way. We call Kenya home because we too are at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way the world gets work done. Together we are building something very special and we can’t wait to meet you. If you’re ready to get started, Karibu!